Michigan Tank Systems..... , Offers above ground, bolted steel epoxy tanks, bolted glass coated tanks, Bolted stainless steel tanks Shop welded and field welded steel tanks, and more.

Glass & Epoxy coated Water Tanks and Wastewater Storage Tanks

Looking at liquid storage in a new way with our Glass & Epoxy coated Bolted Storage Tanks. For Storage for every application at prices for any budget we build them just for you. AWWA D103 & AISC design in Glass coatings and epoxy-coated carbon steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel fabrication.Based on the concept of our premier glass-fused-to-steel tanks, Epoxy-Coated, Galvanized and Stainless Steel Tanks are shipped as precut and pre-punched finished sheets. The standard sized sheets are fabricated in our ISO 9001 Certified plant for prompt shipment to you our Customer ready for assembly. All our tanks are designed with:

  • AWWA D103 StandardsAISC, API 12B  or NFPA-22 DesignsFactory Mutual or NSF-61 Certifications
  • Carbon Steel conforms to ASTM A36, ASTM, A1011, ASTM A670
    Advantages of Our epoxy coated above ground steel Tanks
    Efficiency Modular design means faster installation.
    Economy The benefits of bolted tank construction.
    Reliability The best in the business.

    Welded Steel Water & Wastewater Tanks

    The Success of our Welded standpipes and reserviors is based on a combination of AWWA - D100, API-650 designs and precision fabrication. OUr tanks are either Fabricated and coated in our ISO 9001 Quality Certified Facility then delivered to site complete on special trailers, ready to be raised into place. Or can be welded on site to fit each specific application provided by our clients.

    Advantages of factory Welded Tanks
    Cost Efficient Quality
    Along with eliminating the environment problems of field welded and Site 
    Painting our shop welded and baked coatings save money. Fabrication, coating applications and baking take place indoors. No weather delays, weld seams, and cure times are all subject to exacting standards.
    Low Maintenance The interiors are coated with two component, amine adduct cured, self priming immersion epoxy system. This coating meets the AWWA D-102 coating standards and is NSF Standard 61 listed for storage of potable water.
    Speed of Assembly MIS can provide you the full turnkey service from pre-sales advice to design, installation and after sales service.